Friday, September 23, 2016

Strive for 25 Sheets and Reminders

Strive for 25
Report Reminders:

·       Book must be within your LEXILE RANGE
·       Book must be FICTION
·       Reports must be written in pencil
·       FIRST and LAST NAME must be on report
·       Summary on the back must be organized in B,M,E order
·       Nothing can be left blank on report
·       Reward tickets are awarded on Mondays
·       You can only redeem ONE Reward Ticket per day
o   Reading Reward Chair- spend your independent reading time in our bounce chair
o   Treat Box- choose a piece of candy, snack, or other reward item
o   Snack from Home- bring a goody from home to enjoy during reading time
o   Line Hopper- hop to the front of the lunch line
o   Popcorn- save a ticket for popcorn at the end of the nine weeks
o   Ice Pop Fridays- trade a ticket for an ice pop on Fridays
·       Lost Reward Tickets will not be replaced
·       Reading Chair Reward is first come, first serve
·       Snacks Rewards and Candy Rewards must be used during Independent Reading Time
Reward tickets cannot be given to someone else


Link to Strive for 25 Report Form Option #1

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Struggling with Theme?

I've attached a video and chart we used in class.

IRP- Need Help?

Is your student struggling with the IRP? I've attached some information to help students and parents.

Example of a Google Slide Show using the book Charlotte's Web

Example of a Google Slide Show using the book Crash

Example of a Movie Poster using the book Almost Home

Example of a T-Shirt using the book Crash

CD Cover using the book Crash

Three Items in a Bag using the Book Crash

Friday, September 16, 2016

Independent Reading Presentation Information

Independent Reading Presentation
Project is due ___________.  If you have not finished a book by the project due date, you will receive a POW, and 50% will be deducted from your score.  You will still be required to present your project even if it is late. 
Every presentation must include the following in this order:
1.       title and author
2.       main character(s)
3.       summary of the story without giving away the ending
4.       compare how two characters from the story are different and similar (do not use appearances)
5.       choose a character trait that describes one of the main characters
6.       use specific evidence from the book to support your character trait (must include the page number)
7.       theme (lesson you learned from the story) including an explanation of why you think this is the theme

Information must be written on note cards.  Be sure to practice reading in front of someone before presenting.  Try not to read straight from the cards.  Practice and then practice some more.

Choose ONE of the following to include in your presentation:
·         three items in a bag that relate to the story- you must explain how the objects relate to your book
·         movie poster you create that represents an event from the story- you must explain how the movie poster relates to your story. All artwork must be original-do not copy from the book or movie
·         three Google slides with pictures that relate to the story- you must explain how the pictures relate to the story (You may include a title slide) Do not use images from the book or movie.
·         create a T-shirt design representing the story be sure to explain how the t-shirt represents the story (you can design on paper, computer

·         create a CD cover for the book.  On the back, think of three popular songs that relate to the book.  Be sure to explain how the songs relate to the book.

Example of a CD cover and song examples-
You do not have to make an actual CD.

Example of a Movie Poster-
Cannot use images from an actual movie or illustrations from the book. All work must be original.

Example for a Google Slide:

Monday, January 25, 2016

Strive for 25 Update

There are nine students who have already completed the Strive for 25 Challenge. These students have read more than 2500 pages and completed Strive for 25 reports. Students have until the end of April to reach this goal. The following is a breakdown of the readers by class period.

3rd and 4th period- 5 students out of 16 (31%) have met the challenge

5th and 6th period- 3 students out of 17 (18%) have met the challenge

7th and 8th period- 1 student out of 22 (5%) has met the challenge

Class totals:
Image result for kids reading
3rd/4th- 346,000 pages read

5th/6th- 234,000 pages read

7th/8th- 269,000 pages read

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Struggling with Theme?

Here is what we have used in class to help.

Here is a YouTube video for extra help:

Example of Google Slide for Independent Reading Presentations

Here is an example of a Google Slide Presentation. Students should make a title slide and three slides with one picture on each slide. Do not use text to describe the slide. Students will explain how the slide relates to the story when they give the presentation in class. (Students may use notecards to remember the descriptions)